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ZCMC Class Graduation Videos
ZCMC Class Graduation Videos
ZCMC Class Graduation Videos
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Zion Christian Mission Center (ZCMC) is a theological Institution that originated in 1990 under the Shincheonji Church of Jesus, Temple of the Tabernacle of Testimony. It is known in English as the New Heaven and New Earth (NHNE). It has been established according to the promises of the Bible and provides comprehensive Bible education for free from Genesis to Revelation (Rev 22:17). Just as we freely receive essential resources like water, air, and light from the heavens, we strive to share the love bestowed upon us by God with our neighbors, community, and the entire world through acts of service and volunteerism.

Statement of Faith

-We believe that there is only One holy and eternal God, the Creator of heaven and earth (Gn. 1:1, Ex. 3:14-15, Jn. 4:24, Ps. 5:4).


To help every believer examine one’s faith within the context of the Bible and see oneself transform and re-create into God’s image and likeness. In carrying out this mission, we bind ourselves with faith, hope, and love through the Word of God.


To bring people into maturity in faith towards the full knowledge and understanding of the truth through the word of God – that leads to salvation.


Online Class

In our online Bible class, we use an LMS– ZCMC Student Portal. This is where students can access the Zoom link for the class and view all lessons on their dashboard. The online classes we offer are also fun and convenient, allowing students to study at their own pace.

Pastor's Class

Our pastor’s class is designed for pastors who desire to learn more about the Bible and how it can be applied to their own lives and ministries. The class includes interactive lectures and discussions, as well as hands-on activities. We also offer online support for pastors who need assistance in their faith journey.

Onsite Class

Students can attend classes in person, which allows for deeper learning and more personal interaction. Right now, we have about 30 Bible centers scattered across the Philippines which are multiplying every year.

International Class

Classes are also offered online, providing an opportunity for students from different countries to join. Additionally, online classes offer more flexibility in terms of scheduling, allowing participants to attend classes regardless of their time zone.

Flexible class time slots

Only take
8 months

Entirely Free
of cost

Purely Biblical from Genesis to Revelation

Reveals the Last
Work of God

Explains the prophecy and fulfillment

We have a monthly
center opening!


Course 1: Secrets of the Kingdom of Heaven Hidden in Parables

This course focuses on understanding the true meaning of the parables spoken by Jesus 2000 years ago, which reveal the secrets of the Kingdom of Heaven.

Course 2: Overview of The History of the Bible from the Book of Genesis to Jude

The Overview of the Bible provides an in-depth study of major events in the Bible. It contains the history of God and the covenant with His chosen people- a story of redemption and recreation of His corrupted creations since Genesis.

Course 3: The Full Understanding of the Book of Revelation

This course shows the events that will happen once Revelation is fulfilled. Knowing this will enable us to understand the outcome and finale of God’s 6000-year work. How do we know what, where, when, who, and how it is fulfilled? Let’s find out.


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