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Zion Christian Mission Center (ZCMC) is a theological Institution.

Who Are We?

Zion Christian Mission Center was established in 1990 in Seoul, South Korea. It aims to provide systematic, high-quality Bible education to anyone seeking to understand the Bible. 

In just 4 years, ZCMC established 75 locations across South Korea, and it has been growing ever since. ZCMC is currently operating in 432 locations around the world, and the Philippines is one of them. 

In 2019, various Mission Centers around the world joined together to hold a joint graduation event for all the students who finished our theology program that year. A total of 103,764 graduates participated in this landmark event, making it the largest graduation ceremony ever held by a single denomination.

Although the COVID-19 pandemic has made meeting in person much more difficult, ZCMC has continued to grow, providing our educational programs online via both non-synchronous video lectures and real-time lectures using Zoom. Now classes are held every month in 432 places around the world (278 places in Korea, 154 places abroad), and the Internet Zion Mission Center website also provides training courses online (as of November 2021).


To help every believer examine one’s faith within the context of the Bible and see oneself transform and re-create into God’s image and likeness. In carrying out this mission, we bind ourselves with faith, hope and love through the Word of God.


To bring people into maturity in faith towards the full knowledge and understanding of the truth through the Word of God — that leads to salvation.

Like the love we have received from the heavens, in receiving water, air, and light freely, we share the love that God has given to us with our neighbors, community, and the whole world through our work of service and volunteerism.


  • Master the entire Bible from Genesis to Revelation just by using the Bible as a reference.
  • Be trained on how to run a Bible Center that could be a platform to share God’s Word systematically and effectively.
  • Be knowledgeable in church planting and taking care of God’s flock.
  • Be equipped with administrative tasks to ensure proper management.

Statement of Faith


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